Customer Service for Specialty Food Stores

Specialty food stores are becoming more and more popular along with organic food stores. This is because most Americans are gaining too much weight and it is rather obvious that this is from the food we eat and the processed crap we call food. Specialty food stores try to cut through what is real and what tastes more like rubber.

Specialty food stores and organic food stores have a tough time competing with the larger grocery store chains, which flip their inventory some 300 times per year and make huge amounts of money per square foot. There is ruthless competition in the marketplace between grocery store chains and Super Wal-Marts. Stuck in the middle between categories are the specialty food stores and they know if they do not give good customer service their competition is waiting to do it for them. russian chocolate

Customer service for specialty food stores is a little tougher than the grocery store and it requires knowledgeable employees who can explain things to people that they do not understand. Also specialty food stores and their employees need to know were each item in the store is and take the customer to that item when they ask, rather than just saying is on isle 19-A in the middle down near the bottom? If you run a specialty food store I wish you continued success and I hope you’ll remember all of this in 2006.

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